Biyang Mad Driver OD-10



This Biyang Mad Driver OD-10 takes all the vintage classic gutsy Tube Screamer overdrive tones to the next level using the classic JRC4558 chip. Basically it’s the best of all possible Tube Screamer incarnations with the JRC4558 chip and two Mods that add a “brighter” and “warmer” setting. Can even be used as a clean boost type pedal with the gain turned down. All this and the True Bypass that is missed in the original 808’s.

  • 3 Modes: Normal – Classic Tube Screamer, Bright – more trebly attacking sound, Warm – fuller more modern sound
  • Drive, Tone, and Volume Controls
  • True Bypass
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Part of the “Baby Boom” Series
  • Uses 9V battery or standard Boss style adapter

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